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We're dedicated to making various forms and levels of yoga and meditation available to everyone. We teach Classical, Iyengar, and Hatha yoga in the traditional methods, and Mindfulness Meditation.

We offer weekly classes, corporate yoga and wellness programs, and workshops that shed light on interpreting and incorporating the nature of yoga with all other aspects of life. We welcome your questions, feedback and insights as you and we evolve.

About Us

Andrea’s style of teaching draws strength and compassion from her many years of service to others. From an early age she felt drawn to care for others, and continues to work as a Support Coordinator in her community.  Prior to becoming a yoga instructor, she spent several years as a SSW and provided Palliative Care to those with HIV/AIDS. This same level of compassion and care will support you as she guides you towards a better understanding of the essence of yoga.
Her knowledge is diverse and encompasses a broad range of experiences as both student and teacher. Andrea spent eight years as a Classical Yoga student where she participated in the development of The Institute of Classical Yoga and Therapy. She also studied and completed her 350hr Hatha Yoga Certification and has four years of Ashtanga practice. A graduate of the 5 year "Empty your Cup" meditation program, and with additional years of practice and training in NLP-based meditation, Andrea shares her experience with  Zen, Mindfulness Meditation with all who meet her.  
In addition to this, Andrea continues to broaden her skillset in new ways. She has travelled to Brazil to learn the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, discovering there a new level of inner strength as well as the art of self defence. She also holds the title of an Usui Reiki Master and most recently has trained to become a Certified Personal Trainer. Her diverse training and knowledge of yoga philosophy will allow you to reach a new level of resilience in your own practice.   
Andrea is passionate about creating unique yoga events and offers workshops and classes within the community.  She owns and operates Ganga Moon Yoga Studio in Beamsville, where as a student you will be encouraged to explore your own path by her gentle voice and clear instructions. The studio is semi-private, and offers classes that are suited to all levels. A typical class will focus on proper alignment and breath, and will leave you feeling refreshed, energized, and balanced. Andrea finds her peace in helping others realize their natural state; her combination of traditional yoga philosophy and asana practice will help you achieve yours.

We're a unique semi-private yoga studio dedicated to recovering what we believe to be the essence of yoga: a traditional yoga philosophy and practice available to everyone. We focus on proper alignment and the breath.

andrea dragicevic
Owner and Instructor

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